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  1. Hi, I am from holland, i have a question. I am looking for a wing tsun summercamp. I did kyokushin karate and some boxing. After that i did wing chun/tsun. I see Sifu Allan Jensen is also a guest at the camp. I am big and strong but also souple thats why i like the more softer yet effective style like Sifu Jensen. It has also to do with sensibilty. Is your camp open to foreign people? I am just a fun guy with a smaal handicap. You seem like nice guys. Just a question. Wenn is the camp and where, is there sleeping space. Sorry to interup you. All the best. Michiel

    1. Hello, Michiel

      Sorry for the slow response. You are most welcome to our summercamp. Please use the sign-up form to register. You can find Google Translate version of the form here

      The camp is held on July 24-26th in Kruusila near Salo. Price includes housing and most of the meals (excludes evening barbeque). The inn we’re using has rooms for 2-5 people. The current price now is 160 euros.

      summercamp master chief

      1. Hi Sifu, I posted at your own site I believe, do not know if you have seen it. I will not come. Although I think it is a super camp. And the fleuncy of your style is great.

        Hope this enough information. Thank you very much.

        Greetings from Holland.

        Michiel . Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2015 17:15:06 +0000 To:

      2. Ok, Michiel. Thanks for the info.

        Feel free to drop by into our regular classes if you’re in Finland or Turku

        PS. I’m no sifu 🙂


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